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Red Carpet Filming

Last night was literally one of the best nights of my life! I'm so grateful to have connected with so many amazing individuals. To have one of the very best photographers I've ever worked with come out on super bowl night was such a blessing. I can't thank you enough Patrick James(Creative Impressions Photography Studio)! Huge shoutout to my babysitter and friend Gina Loza, for always taking care of my baby boy while I pursue my dreams.

Also, once again thank you to the phenomenal ladies of the night "My Celebrity Guest Models". These ladies were hand-selected to be a part of my vision. Thank you all for your professionalism and amazing work. LaTonya Hart, Emily Latimer, Stacie Renee Patterson, Marisa Bergfield Michiels, Sher-nae Earls.

Ah, let's discuss for a second Ms. LuVenia Green! Like seriously, you were super amazing! You picked up the slack and completed all 5 models makeup looks in such a timely manner. I was so impressed and so grateful to have had you last night. Thank you for the amazing work that you did.

Stephanie Prince it wasn't our first time working together and it won't be our last. Thank you for always coming out and showing out. Nalan Smartt the Executive Director for Ceasoning Magazine, It was truly an honor to have you last night.

This event took place at Park Towne Apartments welcome center, they took such good care of me and all my guests.Their services were beyond outstanding. Last but certainly not the least, thank you to my amazing husband for always supporting my wildest ideas.

Behind the scenes photos by Nuae Photography

Instagram: @Nuaephotography

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