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New York Fashion Week NYFW

Ashley Hickman wearing Maison De Melesia Robinson at NYFW

Ashley Hickmann's Life During NYFW

NYFW is one of the busiest times of the year for the fashion industry in the United States. This year it was held from February 9-16, 2017. My jobs this season were independent modeling and being the media Director for The Runway Authority.

I arrived in NYC at 9am Thursday morning and had to be at the Style Fashion Show by noon. From getting dressed to commuting every second counted literally! By noon I arrived at the location and my venture for NYFW began instantly. For Thursday and Friday I was busy running to various shows and doing interviews with designers who were apart of The Shows. On Saturday I had the honor of walking in the Pavel Becky Show. The first call time was 6am and the location was outside in the middle of Times Square. It was freezing, however, we had to learn the routine for the flash mob that was scheduled for 2pm later that day.

The flash mob that day was a huge success and Times Square was filled with people. We put on a show in the middle of the street and everyone loved it. Call time for the show was 4pm and when we arrived there everything went non-stop. From practicing the walk, getting fitted, and to hair and make-up we had no time to play games. Before we knew it the place was packed with people and it was show time. The show went great and paparazzi was everywhere! One highlight of the show was afterwards I was interviewed by a rep from the Rede Lynn Group and the interview aired back home in Virginia on The Hampton Roads Show.

From Sunday to Wednesday I covered about 30 shows and interviews about 10 designers. One of my favorite interviews that I can't wait to share with the world is with designer Anniesa Hasibuan. Some other shows that I attended to name a few were Fashion Hong Kong, Leanne Marshall, Marcel Ostertag, Dan Liu, and Art Hearts Fashion. I truly enjoyed my time this season and can't wait to go back next season later this year.

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