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How To Support Melesia Robinson

First of all, I just want to say thank you for visiting my website and reading my blog. (I hope you are all enjoying the new changes and updates.) Whether you're new around here and/or have been a loyal supporter from the start, I apprecaite you.

I took a break to focus on some really important things when it comes to my brand. I cant wait to show you guys what i've been working on. I have so many amazing things planned, that I'm itching to share with you all.

I've come up with some ways you guys can support me.

How best to support me:

Be honest with me, let me know if I have done something wrong or encourage me if I have done something well.

I recently launched my first t-shirt line which can be purchased here: SHOP

They are available for males, females and youth in a variety of sizes. Yay! How exciting right?

I have another amazing way you can support, and its totally free! I would love to have your dollars too, obviously, but I also just really want to build a community of like minded fashion lovers who are excited about my products and my mission.

Facebook | Instagram

Because of the Facebook/Instagram algorithms, the more "likes/engagement" (comments and shares) my pages/posts get, the more people I can reach, because more people will see my posts. By following (and liking - which is super important) my pages and posts, you're introducing people to my brand, without even saying a word. How easy is that?

By simply liking my Facebook page (and posts) and following me on Instagram helps my brand SO MUCH. Go like, share and comment on your favorite post. (I will be posting more consistenly.)

I am totally looking foward to your support and I am always grateful.

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