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How to choose the best fashion designer?

Updated: May 20, 2020

With a lot of fashion designers out there, the decision about choosing one gets a bit tough. Isn’t it? If you are in such a situation, then we can definitely help you in setting up a criterion, which can help you in reaching out to the right individual. Well, it isn’t as tough as you might be thinking but definitely, we’ll advise you to perform due diligence to ensure the best designs and best outfits. So, let’s start:

Portfolio and Designs:

One of the first things that you could be looking for, is the portfolio of the designer. With the help of the designer’s portfolio, you’ll be able to have an idea about his/her designing skills and your expectations about the designs. So, before you’ll share your ideas and design expectations, you’ll have a decent idea if a particular designer is going to help you with your expectations or not.

Time Availability:

Sometimes, urgency could be the leading factor in choosing the right designer. Irrespective of your liking and the skill of the designer, you might have to look for other options because of time constraints. Make sure to ask about the expected delivery time before placing an order with a specific designer.

Specialty of the Designer:

When choosing a designer, it is important that you analyze your needs and pick a specific wardrobe style. It will help you in finding the most suitable fashion designer.

Designing Fees:

Obviously, you can’t be expecting something worthwhile without spending a dime. But this is a fact too that you would have your own budget for getting the final garment. When thinking of your budget, think about the skills, time, manpower and materials that goes into the final production of your garment. So, this is definitely one of the important factors when creating a budget.


This is probably not very important considering the globalization and ease of commutation but if you want a face-to-face discussion with your designer, then this is definitely an important consideration to make. Finding a fashion designer with whom you can set an appointment for a one-to-one interaction is a great way to ensure that your dream designs could actually be made.

One of the best options here is…

These might not be all the factors to find the best designer but definitely, they are the most important ones. Okay, so now the question is which designer would fit on all these criteria? We have an answer to that as well. Melesia Robinson is one of the best designers that you’ll find in your vicinity. Beautiful designs, on-time delivery and the provision of the best value of money are some of the characteristics that you can get from her. Have a look at her portfolio and get in touch with her to get your wonderful outfits.

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